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Ultimate Supervision to Your Strong and Unique Rock and Metal Sound

Hey Dear Musicians!

My name is Mike. I am a PhD Producer, Guitarist, Composer and Mix Engineer specialising in the Heavy genre.

The current Metal music market is oversaturated - and often with productions that sound very similar. They most importantly lack the real face and soul of your musicianship.

I offer you something different. I aim to help execute your authenticity through discovering your strong and unique sound.

My sonic approach is hybrid. I combine modern Tape, Console, EQ and Compressor emulations from Universal Audio with Rupert Neve, and Louder Than Liftoff outboard gear, and Engl and CAA amps to achieve great flexibility, strength, and that classical crisp analog sound.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and really catch the attention of your listener, reach out to me and discuss your project to see where I can help.


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